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Primary Threats to Computer Security


These are a variety of programmes that can infect your computer from various sources.  They are often able to spread via email attachments, clicking on "pop-ups", downloading files, cracks for illegal software, etc.

By having a good virus scanner, preferably as part of an Internet Security programme and other anti-Spyware and Malware  programs, (that are kept up-to-date) you can help give your computer good protection.  You need to keep in mind that certain internet behavior can bypass any good security programmes and your computer can still get infected.

There are a number of effective security programs on the market. Many require payment but there are also free programs that are quite effective for private use. If you would like extra protection from the free programmes, many of them offer an additional paid for version.

The following programmes can be used to help keep your computer more secure.

AVG Antivirus - Free

This is a very good antivirus and antispyware programme.  The basic version is free while the Internet Security is very reasonably priced.

Click here for the free version

Click the AVG logo for AVG Internet Security

Superantispyware - Free

For that extra protection from spyware, Superantispyware even removes the more difficult spyware.

Click here for the free version

Malwarebytes - Free

This programme often finds Maliciousware that other security programmes have missed.

Click here for the free version

Ccleaner - Free

Free disk space & protect your privacy. Cleans up temporary files, temporary internet files, etc

Click here for the free version

Free disk space & protect your privacy
All in one easy solution.