Why do Films deteriorate?

Films generally preserve better than videos if they're stored properly.  Some films however, over time, will develop a pink or blue tinge to them depending on the chemicals used in processing and the brand of film.  Films can also blur with age or loose their contrast and clarity. 

The most common problem with the showing of old films, is the condition of the projector used.  Projectors that have perished belts, or are in need of lubricating and servicing, jam and the intense light from the bulb can burn the film. 

We'll meticulously transfer your golden aged memories to digital format, editing out unwatchable sections of footage before processing.  We also can add appropriate background music if you wish.  If your film already has sound, this can be transferred to your DVD
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We convert

Standard/Regular 8
& Super 8
and 16mm Flim
(with or without sound)

What you get

2 Copies of each DVD are provided, 1 to use and the other can be archived.
For best picture quality, we usually put around 90 minutes of footage per DVD, which can be from multiple films or tapes
Final quality of the DVD depends on the condition of the original film supplied.

Please note

We cannot transfer copyright protected material without the permission of the copyright owner.  Under Copyright laws, this includes commercial videos and taped TV programmes.  For more information please see the Australian Copyright Council website at http://www.copyright.org.au