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No longer have a Slide Projector?

Have your 35mm slides converted and view them on the TV or on your computer.
Once they are converted into a digital format you can do so much more with them. 

We use a special slide scanner that converts Slides at a high resolution of 4000 dpi.
Slides are converted to JPG files and can be further converted to a DVD movie if required.

Organising your Slides for Conversion

If you would like your slides scanned in a certain order, please number each slide individually.
If your slides are dusty, you can brush them with with a soft fine haired paint brush.

What you get

2 Copies of each DVD or CD are provided, 1 to use and the other can be archived.
Final quality of the pictures depend on the condition of the original Slides supplied.

Transfer your historical memories to DVD or CD today.